Sheltered workshop as a part of our ecopark life

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As the support of socially handicapped groups is extremely important for us, we have decided to establish and run the sheltered workshop. In cooperation with the Labor Office in Malacky, we have started the legal process in order to gain an official approval of the sheltered workshop. The opening ceremony is supposed to take place at the beginning of December 2013. At the beginning, we are planning to create two job vacancies.

The major workload of the sheltered workshop will be sorting out the recyclable materials. The employees will sort out PVC, PET bottles, cartoons, folia covering and the other light materials. The other type of our activities is the separation of medical products. These products had not passed the quality test and had been ordered for disposal. The major activity of our employee is the separation of the used materials, such as PP, PE and their further processing in the production process. The result of their activities is the separated material and uniform products in the form of packages or chippings.

We are looking forward to the newly created job vacancies and we are very grateful to the

Labour Office in Malacky for their support, cooperation and help.