Sheltered workshop as a part of our ecopark life

As the support of socially handicapped groups is extremely important for us, we have decided to establish and run the sheltered workshop. In cooperation with the Labor Office in Malacky, we have started the legal process in order to gain an official approval of the sheltered workshop. The opening ceremony is supposed to take place at the beginning of December 2013. At the beginning, we are planning to create two job vacancies.


Ecopark has agreed on the cooperation with the company HSF ltd. Malacky, August 2013

Good relationships with the management of the HSF company as well as the prompt reactions of Ecopark has resulted into new cooperation with a new customer. For HSF Malacky, we organize the collection of the secondary raw materials (PET bottles, cartoon, folia coverage, PVC waste and PVC chippings).


Purchasing of the new technologies for the operations of the plastic recycling

In June 2013, the company Ecopart ltd purchased a plastic crushing recycling mill in order to process the plastic waste. The mill had been purchased from the renowned company ING. ČASTULÍK. The machine should provide the crushing of the plastic waste to form the standard chippings according to the customer orders. Automatic dosing machine as well as the big bag filling stations for two positions was also included.

We are very grateful to Mr. Častulík and his boys, we appreciate their professional attitude.


Ecopark ltd. as the partner of project Bobria Hrádza Kuchyňa (The Badger Embankment in Kuchyňa) in April 2013

The group of activists and volunteers of Kuchyňa who have decided to carry on a plan to build up the longest wooden bridge in Europe have made a great impression upon us. That is why we have decided to support their project financially as well as personally, via hard and meaningful physical work.

You can find more information about the project here.

We are grateful that we can contribute and become the partner of the project. :)